An entrepreneur with vision..

and architect with blue prints

Jaafar Almusaad Portrait

My story

My name is Jaafar, son of Hasan Ali, son of Mohammed Saeed, son of Hasan Ali Almusaad (pronounced "almosa'ed"). I was born in 1980 in a little country called Bahrain. There I grew up, got married and was blissed with two fantastic boys. I have five brothers and three sisters. My beloved mum and one of my brothers departed this world many moons ago, but my dear father is still hanging there in a high sprit despite the great lose and old age. I couldn’t be more proud!

Since I was little, I had great passion and love for computers. Even today, I still remember the first Personal Computer I had ever bought (and how I was cheated back then!). Naturally, both my undergraduate and postgraduate degrees were in IT.

I had been fortunate to work with some of the world’s largest enterprises in Fintech, including Euronet and American Express, where I programmed ATM machines and managed IT infrastructure projects respectively.

In late 2012, I moved to the UK and settled down in London to start a new page in my personal and professional lives. Initially, I focused on IT infrastructure services but I quickly began to realise that the UK was very different form Bahrain! Most enterprises were already migrating to the cloud, making the IT infrastructure very niche! It was time for a career change.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) was gaining a huge momentum, and for good reasons. Fortunately, I had already had a subject on AI when I was doing my postgrad (though it was called “Data Mining” back then). I liked the subject because it was pretty new (to me) and challenging. However, deep down I was attracted to it because AI was (and still is) tightly coupled with High Performance Computing (HPC), my favourite topic.

Like many newly moved families, finding a good (and affordable) place to live in was extremely challenging. The properties market was in a mess, thanks to a tight monopoly by a few big players. Estate agents were among the least-trusted professionals in the UK, ranking below both lawyers and traffic wardens.

So, I asked myself: why not build a solution that uses AI to shake the foundation of this rusty market?!!

That was the vision. But a vision in your head means little without the blue prints!

For this reason, I have conceptualised REEXM, the first agent-less real estate marketplace to connect landlords, buyers and everyone in between. Yup a marketplace – not just an old fashioned portal.

For REEXM to be a true agent-less marketplace, the property valuation must be addressed. That’s why I have created AccuVal, the first property valuation platform that’s 100% underpinned by AI. AccuVal is already on a league on its own in terms of valuation accuracy, robustness and flexibility.

I post blogs regularly on LinkedIn so be sure to connect with me there.

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